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stella distribution is the successful way!

connecting publishing houses with the consumer via trading
We have the experience, the commitment and the current knowledge for targeted distribution work on behalf of our customers.

stella distribution guarantees quality
as the requirement for the national and international distribution success of press and non-press products.
We create distribution solutions and don't simply proceed according to the alphabet or rough numbers.

Stella distribution offers customised full service by qualified employees.
Our offerings include distribution solutions for retail sales, subscriptions,
WBZ and special sales campaigns.

stella distribution works in close proximity to publishing houses and trading partners.
The core of stella is the Sales Division, the object team of which is committed in overall responsibility for the titles it services.

stella distribution has the right size as a young company, relies above all upon the personal commitment of its employees and not upon optimised EDP systems.

Person-to-person dialogue is the principle of our communication with our publishing house customers and trading partners.

Your partner with ONE sales representative who is familiar with your publication and in close contact with the other specialists.

Lead by him our expert-teams take 360 degrees responsibility for your publication. Starting from cover picture, to disposition, logistics and billing. It is going to be like having a sales department in your own company.

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